Download Survival Heroes Latest Version for Android

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Survival Heroes Apk is action game that combines the game-mechanics of 2 popular Genres: MOBA & Battle Royale. Survival Heroes Combines the Gameplay of MOBA & a battle Royale to Create what Could be the Ultimate Mobile Multiplayer-Shooter.survival heroes review At 1st glance,Survival Heroes guide looks like Mobile-Legends or Arena of Valor-inspired MOBA, Play the game, & you’ll realize it’s more like PUBG or Fortnite, with Moving online battles Where up to 70 Player can fight simultaneously! You-parachute onto a massive Map either Solo or as part of group & scavenge for Equipment.survival heroes mod apk Players land on the island of Champville, Explore it find items & weapons, & be the Survival heroes Apk hack among 99 other Players. Weapons found along the Way bring Exciting abilities: dual axes that Summon a bear Pet, magic hammers that Trap Enemies in-lightning, Scythes that pull Enemies to-player, & more. Since survival heroes mod Apk weapons are found-along the way instead chosen, each Round feels-varied & unique, guiding Players into learning the New Weapons & Gameplay Styles. Combat can then be Customized with Runes, Adding Extra effect like increased attack & movement Speed, HP recovery, & Cooldown Reduction.survival heroes guide Runes are obtained by Spending in-game Currency on loot boxes, Players Need to grind or be lucky to get-specific Run. Nevertheless, survival heroes apk obb still a fun survival heroes review game. The items, looks & cosmetics are just important if you’re looking ranked game. It is great News for the SH Fans around the world that they will be Able join the MOBABR fights together! It’s not big deal-if you want to hang out & play Some Survival heroes download Games with-friend. I would-recommend this game if you would-like your friend to get into-gaming, if they’re fresh to it. It’s really fun & can be-played-anywhere.survival heroes download

Download Survival Heroes Latest Version for Android

Survival Heroes Features:

  • Battle Royale game with MOBA-elements.
  • Fight-against another 99 players on the same island.
  • Choose a hero-which you can customize & equip.
  • Gather weapons & equipment to reach your-survival target.
  • Defeat your enemies to be the-last player standing & always Remain in the Safe-Zone.

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Download Survival Heroes Latest Version for Android

What’s new

  • Added 4 new skins(including one epic skin), Three new weapon skins, 4 avatar frame, two new weapons, 5 emotes
  • Added several features in personal info and wardrobe
  • Adjusted and optimized the battle & game mechanic
  • Adjusted & optimized the draw capsule mechanic
  • Optimized armoury Preset system
  • Optimized remote-system

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