How To Improve Gaming Performance On Your Android Device

Our mobile phones have evolved into a significant part of our everyday lives. A lot of people have more than one smartphone, not to mention tablets and iPads. Perhaps the most alluring thing about these gadgets is that they can multitask and do a lot of stuff such as streaming live video feeds, chat online, and play games like online teen patti.

Gaming on an android phone is not as straightforward. For some, it gives them mixed results and feelings as some devices perform much better than others. You can also improve the improve the performance of gaming experience by transferring data from one device to another, you can check for Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone .

While smartphone gaming will give you the freedom and flexibility to play whilst on the move and connect with other online gamers from across the world, in some instances you’ll find your phone overheating or being laggy.

Such scenarios can take the fun out of the game and impact a toll on your device’s performance and overall gaming experience. But with a few tricks and tweaks on the device, you can boost the performance of your device, all in a few swipes and clicks.

Below is a list of tips and tricks that can enhance your android device’s gaming performance. 

1. Activate Force 4x MSSA Option in the Developer Settings

Most android devices have this setting under the developer settings. You need to first activate the developer settings then look for settings and tweaks that can enhance the performance of your device. The Force 4x MSSA setting can prove convenient especially when you want to play your games on the highest setting available.

This setting helps unlock the maximum potential of the device’s processor and graphics thus the improved performance. Activating this setting will, however, prompt the device to consume more power thus draining your battery faster as a result.

As such, it would be better if you activated this feature solely when the device is on a full charge or plugged into an energy source. Remember to turn it back off once you’ve finished with your gaming.

2. Turn Off All Applications Operating in The Background

Apps and services operating in the background eat up a lot of your phone’s system resources thus affecting its gaming performance. Social networking apps such as Instagram and Twitter are notorious for gobbling up a lot of RAM and energy as they function in the background.

Kill off all background services that could slow the performance of your smartphone if you want to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. Check the developer settings to view apps that might be hogging the device’s resources.

3. Download Boost Apps

Google’s Play Store has plenty of boost apps that can improve your device’s gaming performance. Some boost apps can even make the graphic interface of your games look clearer by improving their response times.

Boost apps function by switching off all background apps and services, leaving a lot of system resources for the game you are playing. The Google Play Store is currently awash with thousands if not hundreds of boost apps so try and read up user reviews, testimonials, and ratings to find a well functioning boost app. 

4. Buy Gaming Accessories if Possible

To most gamers, very little is as fulfilling as having a fast or responsive mobile phone and the right gaming equipment.

These accessories can make your gaming experience a lot more exciting, making you want to play all day and night. For instance, a gaming headset can really enhance your gaming experience. For more info on modern gaming accessories for your android smartphones, check out

5. Consider Cloud-Based Photo and Video Services

Cloud-based photo and video services help put a lid on your device’s demand for memory.  Store all your valuable photos and videos online so that most of your physical memory can be used for resource-hungry services such as gaming.

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