Five Best Free-To-Play Android Games

Anyone who says that free to play mobile games are hard to find hasn’t been looking very hard. We’re always striving to bring you great free mobile games on this website, and we’d like to think that we rarely disappoint you on that front. 2020 has been particularly productive for new mobile games so far, and we’re hoping that doesn’t change during the last few months of the year. From the position we were in a few years ago where nobody seemed to be pushing the boundaries at all when it came to new game development, we’re now more concerned about what to delete to make space for the latest games we want to download.

It isn’t always about new games, though. Sometimes even we miss something that slipped through the cracks a few months ago or are reminded about a great game we used to play years ago but then forgot about. That’s why we’re not limiting ourselves when it comes to time or place with this article. If you’re the proud owner of an Android phone and you’re looking for great games, all we want to do on this page is to provide you with a few options. Five strong choices should be enough to get you started, so allow us to make good on our word and show them to you!

Pac Man 256

It isn’t necessarily always the case that classic games work better in the mobile format than newer games do, but we think it happens more often than not. Mobiles are great for indulging in a little gaming nostalgia, and what could be more nostalgic than Pac-Man? We don’t want to make anyone feel old, but our favorite ghost-fearing yellow blob turned 40 this year, and to mark the occasion, Nvidia made a new version of the original game coded solely by artificial intelligence. As impressive as that is, we’re more enchanted by Pac Man 256. This is Pac Man with a twist – the maze never ends. It might change color, and occasionally it might provide you with unusual obstacles like fake glitches, but you can’t complete this game. All you can do is outrun the ghosts for as long as you can – and there’s a special reward if you’re able to pull off a combo of 256 consecutive eaten dots without losing a life. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s free.

Plague Inc.

Game developers are nothing if not topical, and we can’t imagine anything more topical than Plague Inc, which was dreamed up by a team of independent game developers in Bristol, England, earlier this year. You can think of this as a twisted version of the classic world domination game Civilization. You’re still trying to conquer the world, but in Plague Inc, you’re doing it as a virus rather than an all-powerful empire. It’s easy to see where the inspiration came from, and it appears to have offended at least some people because the original version of the game ended up being banned in China. So long as you’re not reading this in China, you shouldn’t have any problem with getting yourself a copy, and it’s a fun way to pass the time. It’s even supposed to be semi-educational – although I suspect we all feel like we’ve educated ourselves about plagues enough for one year.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Yes, this is an obvious choice. We don’t care, though. We’ll stop short of saying that this is the greatest free-to-play mobile game of all time, but it has to be in the argument. The Call of Duty series is a gaming leviathan. It’s played in every format imaginable. It’s even played at online slots casinos, where the fourth Modern Warfare game was transformed into an online slots feature. When you’ve got a video game that carries enough clout as a brand to tempt people into playing slots you’ve got a hit on your hands. While the mobile version of Call of Duty will offer you in-game perks for a fee regularly (something it has in common with the online slots version), you’re under no obligation to buy any of them, and the game works just fine without them. When you’ve got this game, you can play Call of Duty wherever you go. Your obsession with the game is about to become way worse!

The Battle of Polytopia

We mentioned Civilization in this article already, so we suppose we should also mention the best Civilization-like game available to Android phone users. It’s called the Battle of Polytopia, and we urge you to look beyond the basic graphics. This is a turn-based strategy game with a lot of depth and a single-player mode that’s bound to keep you occupied for hours. What makes it really stand out from the crowd is the fact that the map is procedurally-generated and changes every time you start a new game. Even if you think you did everything it’s possible to do the last time you played the game and completed it, you’ll have a totally different experience the next time you play! You can pay a small fee to go online and play against other human players if you wish, but there’s so much depth to the free single-player version that you don’t need to.

Pocket Build

Here’s one for the Minecraft fans among you. Pocket Build might have been inspired by Minecraft, but in our eyes, it’s surpassed it because it’s better looking. This is still an open sandbox fantasy game in which you can build almost anything imaginable, but the things you create here will look better than they do in Minecraft. Why isn’t Pocket Build more famous? We honestly have no idea. New features are added all the time, the framerate is exceptional, building things is easy, and there’s a survival-based mode in which you see the world you’ve made in the first person while you struggle to survive in it. If that doesn’t appeal to you, stick to the top-down view and pretend you’re playing Sim City in the 1990s. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. All five of the games we’ve mentioned are addictive and engrossing, so we imagine they’ll keep you occupied for a while. Don’t be afraid to speak up if we’ve missed something obvious, though, or if you have your own recommendations for your fellow readers. That’s what the comments section is for!

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