5 Ways to Promote Your Video Content

5 Ways to Promote Your Video Content

Video marketing is the most effective marketing strategy today. In terms of content delivery and content connection, short and crisp videos are the best in terms of ROI. Creation of beautiful and engaging videos requires talent, time and other resources. After all, the hard work that goes into production comes the most crucial aspect of promotion, which often gets ignored. A little bit of well-directed effort and investment across proper channels can help in reaching out to your target audience in the shortest possible time and boost online visibility. So, what does it take to design the perfect promotion strategy? Let’s have a look!

5 Ways to Promote Your Video

1. Go for the perfect video thumbnail  

It’s the video thumbnail which dresses up your videos perfectly and influences the decision of playing it or ignoring it. The users out there are often scrolling through their screens for their desired content while skipping the inconsequential ones. If you are looking for someone to stop by and hit the play button, the first look has to be not only attractive but also compelling and play-worthy. What does it take to create the perfect thumbnail? The image of a smiling human making the perfect eye-contact is the most difficult to ignore. Everyone loves to connect with a positive story with a perfect emotional connection. The thumbnail image should convey happiness, easily the most viral emotion. So, go for the perfect thumbnail and enjoy your video being watched, liked and shared.

5 Ways to Promote Your Video Content

2. Share it on Social Media

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Vimeo are the most popular platforms for watching and sharing online content. With 5 billion videos getting watched every day on Youtube alone by more than 30 million daily visitors, there are all chances of your well-made video getting swamped by a flurry of similar content. How do you increase your chances of standing out and getting watched? Go for the following tricks to grab maximum screen-time for your videos:

  • Go for short and crispy promo videos to tease your audience. You can browse through InVideo for the best promo video templates or directly use their YouTube video editor which can make your job much easier. Linking the teaser video back to the original video can ensure quality traffic with a low bounce rate.
  • The video can be set as a featured video on your Facebook page or as a pinned tweet on your twitter profile. It is to ensure that your video doesn’t get lost among a flurry of posts.
  • Share it on relevant communities in Linkedin and Google+ to ensure steady traffic of interested users.
  • Run targeted advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which ensure that your business video gets served to the interested audience most likely to convert. 

3. Go for SEO

If you are aiming for greater reach, higher views and better conversions, there is no better way than going for Search Engine Optimization. How does it make a difference? Instead of “pushing” your video towards an audience who may not be seriously interested, you are now “pulling” in Organic traffic that is searching for similar offerings online and is genuinely interested in your product video. It also gives an idea of the exact form of content users are searching for, which aids relevant content creation and moderation. 

An SEO optimization ensures that your video is easily found, giving a clear boost to your campaign. Execution of an SEO strategy involves a few simple steps:

  • Perform exhaustive research on relevant keywords and phrases through which users may search for similar videos. Incorporate the keywords in the URL, page titles, meta description and video heading so that your video shows up on top in search engine results. 
  • Focus on valuable and engaging content. Your video should offer content of real value to your viewers, rather than merely hard-selling your business agenda. The marketing part should be subtly interwoven around a compelling story for a memorable experience.
  • Make your content interactive. Don’t bore your audience with long scripts. Mix it up with calls to action which are great tools for breaking the monotony and keeping the audience hooked till the end of playtime.
  • Add video transcripts. This gives the crawler bots a perfect idea what your video is about and increases ranking prospects. Short, well-written video descriptions also make it easier for users across video hosting sites to decide about watching your video now or watch it later.

4. Reach out to Influencers

Never miss a chance to reach out to the influencers and bloggers in the industry who can get your video across thousands of followers, who religiously follow and interact with posted content. Apart from increasing your one-time views, they can also give you crucial SEO backlinking which can boost the prospects for return visitors to your video channel. Drop-in a simple mail about how your video is related to their domain and their followers would love your fresh and engaging content. If your content is good enough, you can begin with a bang.

5. Optimize your video Content

Are you well informed about the platform on which your video will be viewed the most? If you are targeting a dropshipping audience, make sure that your video is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Compared to full-sized computer screens, mobile devices have a much smaller display with varying screen resolutions. See to it that your video has a compelling intro. Take into account different lighting and noise conditions, along with horizontal, square and even vertical formats of video streaming across different video hosting and social media platforms.  

InVideo’s ad creator is a perfect tool to get your ad up and running with a minimum investment of resources. Engage your audience and ensure high response in terms of likes, views, shares and comments.

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